Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wilma sagt ???

(Wilma says ???)

After having our first sensor totally rock, the second one has been one royal pain in the arse!!

Might have been the placement...on Bean's tummy, not quite in the best cushiony spot available.

Might have been just a wonky sensor.

It gave us and ERR 1 on Sunday and we did the 'wait and hour and enter BG' and it came back around.

Last night, however, not so much!

ERR 1.  Bean went on to bed and I went up an hour or so later and entered a BG.

ERR 1, again.  Headed back downstairs to watch some TV and wait out the hour.

I go up to check on her before I go to bed and this is what I see...

the 'dreaded' ???, oh no! ;)

So, I attempted to enter a BG to see if it would come back around again....nope, ERR 1, again.

Wait another hour...went to bed, but couldn't go to sleep for the life of me.

Try to enter BG...nope!  

Decided to try the 'stop sensor/start sensor without actually changing it' and proceeded to lay in bed for two more hours, snoozing between Bug's calls to help her blow her nose and Ubergeek's coughs and snores.

BzzT, BzzT comes through the monitor and off I go to enter two BGs in the hopes that Wilma will come around.  

Uh, Nope.  Nothing doing.  

At this point I just shut her off because I wasn't interested in hearing anymore BzzTs and entering in BGs for naught...and I was hoping that sleep would finally come in longer than 30 minute spurts!

So, this morning we did a real sensor change and I called Dexcom to have the wonky one replaced.

This was my first experience talking with them and I was very pleased with the level of service.  A replacement is on its way, as well as our next three months' worth of sensors.  Yipee!!

The new sensor is working pretty well...not quite spot on yet, but way the heck better than ??? for sure!

Sporting a new Tallygear zipper pouch!
Bean loves her tummietote, but wanted another
option that didn't have a full band and velcro.
A girl's gotta have her options!! ;)

sorry about the not-in-focus...my phone and I don't always get along!!

Oh, have you happened upon Sweet and Sassy and our Diabetic Courage, yet?  I found her through a comment on Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.  Go check her out and spread some DOC love!! :)


  1. And you and Ubergeek couldn't understand why we didn't want the hassle of a CGM?! ;)

    I have to give you props for sticking with that one until it fizzled. I would have ripped the sucker out and tossed it in the freezer!!!

    What are you feeding Bean? Her hair is super long!!!! And cute.

  2. Oh, look!!! Someone posted a pic of what we see all the time! :)

    Kidding...but not really. I'm in a "hate" moment with Dex right now. Glad yours is back on track! And I have found that Dexcom's customer service is really great, so that is a bonus. :)

  3. Glad customer service was nice and that you are getting a replacement. The Dexcom seems awesome...when it works!

    She is such a cutie, adorable pic. :)

  4. Yeah... either Dexcom rocks it or it sucks. Theres not a lot of in between. They do have awesome customer service though :)

  5. We had error 1 yesterday too. Same Same! We are twinkies. Had to restart it twice but it came back around. It's hit or miss but I love the hits! :)

    We always put pod and dex on the back of Nate's arms --- I've never done the front like that. I'm assuming since they are there on Bean that they work well?!?! Awesome --- more real estate found for Super Nate. :)

  6. BTW - I always forget to tell you --- I love your pod girl pic. You profile pic for Blogger. It's so cute. I want to make a boy one and they can be friends!

  7. Our last sensor kinda sucked too. For months we have had incredible luck with great sensors, so I am not too upset yet. AND...the sensor fell out last night. No sensor for hockey camp today - WAH!!!! It is OK though, it is hard to get to it through Joe's pads anyways.


  8. She is SO stinkin' CUTE! I hate Dex Errors!
    Hope you are having an awesome summer!

  9. RE: Tummy sites...when they lay on their tummy, it squishes (or flattens out?) the interstitial fluid under the sensor. This would be the case with parts of the bum too, if someone was to be sitting on a sensor. This is, of course, just my theory of why tummy sites seem to get more errors....because I CAN'T STAND IT AND I THINK THINK THINK until I come up with SOMETHING that makes this craziness seem sensible :)

  10. I leave this comment everywhere, but ??? happen a lot at night, but then clear up by morning. Esp. on the first day of a sensor change.

  11. I agree with Wendy. We only use arms cause the tush was not so good.

    Also we keep our sensors in the fridge. It helps!

    Love the pic such a cutie.


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