Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pod Art and Recycling

With our shipment of pods that arrived last week, we finally received a recycling kit to be able to send the used pods back to Insulet.  (I had requested two kits, but only one came; bummer.)

We've been collecting the used pods in a Target bag in the pantry since Bean started 'podding' in October and that bag was getting big and heavy!

Here's what was in the bag:

102 used and/or alarmed pods!!
there are probably 20 that weren't in the bag for various reasons,
such as a pot for a certain someone and demos for trainings at school

Bean, of course, thought we should DO something with them before packing up 50 of them to be sent off.  Only 50 are 'allowed' in the recycling bag...which is why I wanted two...but I've already said that, haven't I?

She wanted a heart.  I added the "Bean" and "smiley face"

18 pods were not used in the making of this art project!

So now 50 of the pods are packed up in the FedEx envelope provided by Insulet, waiting for our FedEx guy to come get them.  And 52 of them are back in the Target back, in the pantry, awaiting their turn to take a ride in a special blue bag inside a FedEx bag.


  1. Cute and creative! I don't have the pod, but that's cool you can recycle them like that.

  2. Love it!! D art is fun! I am planning some art projects, too! :)

  3. Thats awesome! Yay for Fedex Bags! J/K I'm teasing because I work at Fedex Office on the weekends! But really, you guys are so cute!

  4. Lovin the pod art! That is really cool that you are able to recycle them as well!

  5. Had no idea you could recycle them, very cool!!! Cute art projects too. :D

  6. We are thinking of starting my son on the Omnipod (currently on MDI). I looked into our insurance coverage its 80%, which still leaves a good chunk for us to pay each month. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me how much your insurance covers...I'm wondering if 80% is a norm or if there's a "cheaper" option out there! Feel free to email me if you want

  7. I am always jealous of everyones "pod-tivities".
    So fun!

  8. So I hear the Omnipod recycling program is expensive. Is that so? From your parts it must be cRaZy. Good job Mama for participating and keeping those pods out of the landfill. And for recycling them into fun and cool crafts to make other people smile :)

    I think you should send some to Lora to let her play and craft with some ;)

  9. So cute!!! Lee Ann Thill definitely needs to see this! ;)

  10. @Amy...nope, not expensive. Just $8 for the kit and they pay for the shipping. Well worth it, if you ask me!! :)


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