Monday, July 18, 2011


Borrowed from Pam over at Wicked Sweet, who borrowed it from Hannah over at Dorkabetic.
Looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a go...

Age:  37 ~ and, yes I did have to do the math because I can't ever remember how old I am!

Bed Size:  King.

Chore you Dislike:  Um, all of them?!?  But mostly laundry...don't mind putting it in the washer and dryer, it's the folding and putting away that seem to be the bane of my existence!

Dogs:  Grew up with one...Muffin, 3/4 collie and 1/4 who knows.  Would LOVE to have one now, but I have this weird allergy where some dogs bother me sometimes but not other times.  Can't convince Ubergeek to overlook the allergy issue at the moment.  Trust me I'm trying!!

Essential Start to your Day:  Ideally I love beging able to shower and get ready uninterrupted.  Unfortunately that means I have to get up before everyone else and I love my sleep way the heck too much for that!  Beyond that, I have a latte (16oz, skinny, decaf, 3 pump vanilla) and blueberry muffin habit I need to curtail!

Favorite Color:  
That's a hard one....clothes ~ black; accessories ~ pink or very colorful

Gold or Silver:  
Used to be exclusively gold, but now I lean more towards silver.  And I really like when they are mixed together.

Do I need to remind you?       OK, fine...5'9"

Instruments you Play(ed):  
I played alto saxophone from 6th-12th grade.  Once I headed to  college I had to choose between orchestra or choir because they were offered at the same time and I chose choir because I enjoy singing way more than playing!

I also took  piano lessons for about three years but stopped when I realized I wouldn't ever be as good as my sister (yeah, there are issues there, whatever!).  I can still pound out a vocal part on the piano, but don't go asking me to play you anything 'real.'

Job Title:  
Mom, Pancreas.  Hopefully Teacher, again, come this school year!

Bean, 7 1/2, and Bug, 3 in four days.  Also had two miscarriages before Bean, so there are two angels waiting for me in Heaven.

Yes, yes I do...just not often enough!  As far as location...Anchorage, Alaska. 

Mother's Name:
  Beverly Ann.  (Bug's middle name is Ann.)

NeeCee, NeeCee Pooh, Pooh.  My nephew (the one that just graduated) decided to call me CeeCee instead of NeeCee.  And, yes, I am still and always will be CeeCee for them, never Aunt Denise.

Overnight Hospital Stays:  
When Bean and Bug were born.  Twice with Bean ~ surgery and T1 diagnosis.

Pet Peeves:  
Dirty clothes tossed willy nilly all over the house.  Rudeness for no reason.  When there are other people around who can help, but I'm the only one the girls seem to be able to ask for help.  When the girls do things they know they aren't supposed to or the complete opposite of what they were just told to do.

Quote from a Movie:  
"Good Morning, Starshine. The Earth says Hello!"  Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka

It's my ringtone...seriously!

Righty or Lefty:  
Righty, much to the chagrin of Ubergeek who is a lefty!

The a fore metioned piano playing sister, older.  Also have two older half-sisters from my dad's previous marriage, but they never lived with us.

Time you Wake Up:  
Don't you have to actually go to sleep to be able to wake up?!?! 

Not the size I'd like it to be! ;)

Vegetables you Don't Like:  
Brussels sprouts, green peppers (love all the other colors, though!), and asparagus.

What Makes you Run Late:  
Everyone else in my family!!  I grew up in a house where being 'on time' was considered late, so we were trained to be at least 5-10 minutes early for everything.  That all went out the window as soon as I married Ubergeek and just got worse with the addition of the girls.  We're getting better as of late (ha!) and it's only taken almost 13 years of marriage!! 

X-rays you Have Had:  
Broken arm in 1st grade; broken arm (the other one) in 3rd grade; severely sprained ankle in 11th or 12th grade;  countless others for sinus infections growing up...why they felt the need to x-ray my head to see if my sinuses were infected is beyond me! 

Yummy Food you Make:  
black bean/corn/avocado salsa; peanut butter/oatmeal/coconut/chocolate chip cookies.

Zoo Animal Favorite:  
Ooo, that's hard.  I actually prefer aquariums to zoos.  But, I guess if I had to pick, I'd have to say monkeys.


  1. I love it! : ) And can we please have your cookie recipe? That sounds wonderful! : )
    I have angels in Heaven too, I hope they are playing together : )

  2. WOW! We have LOTS in common... from Monkeys to our fave color, Our hate of laundry and wondering why they needed to xray the noggin for my sinus'?!?! OH and the size of the scrunz(undies). I don't like the size of mine either.

  3. WOW, those cookies sound good!

    Forgot to mention the angel waiting in heaven for me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Send some of those cookies my way when you send the pot . . . . oh, and send the pod pot, too. I loves me some pot!!!!

  5. Duuuuuuude... I had a muffin growing up too (is it just me or does that sound dirty?)

    Plus I played sax for a couple o' years before I grew tired of lugging it around and took up drama instead.

    I think we were meant to be friends.

    -Joanne @ deathofapancreas (google is being a pain in the pooper tonight)

  6. Love it!!! I hate my undie size so bad I won't buy new ones. And if I dont get it in gear soon, they will be rags. :)

  7. I love that you have Willy Wonka as your ringtone, that cracks me up! :)

    Sooo agree on the "not the size I'd like" underwear one. Working on it!

    Very cool that you are possibly going to teach this school year, GO DENISE!!! Loved learning more about you! :)

  8. Willy Wonka is definitely one of my all-time fav I am loving that line is your ringtone! :o) This was really neat to read and learn more about you!

  9. You made me smile and laugh! Love learning more about you!

    (I envy your height. I'm still waiting on my growth spurt. Well...the one that goes vertically!)

    Hey---are you on facebook? I'm pretty new, but I love connecting with other d-moms there. If you're on, would you find me....Tracy Capps Selle....


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