Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Toys, a Table, Tasty Smelling Playdough, and Two Others to Boot.

Yesterday I took advantage of some 'all by myself in the house' time while the girls were at VBS (yep, the potty training worked, so Bug is there!!) to get something done that's needed to be done for a while...not just the vacuuming and mopping and toilet cleaning, which also got done...nope, this....
ALL of these random toys and crayons were behind and under the little TV stand thing that holds all of our electronic devices and the girls use as a table for eating, coloring, playing, you name it.  INSANE.

Today, my morning was pleasantly interrupted with some much needed time with Ubergeek (our schedules have been so hectic lately it was nice to have a mid-morning date) and I even had time to find this...
My dinning room table!!  It has been piled high with random computer equipment, Bean's stuff (to include, but not limited to, a friendship bracelet, school work she wants to keep, notes to friends, markers, wristlet from selling Girl Scout cookies, and books), a couple of magazines I started reading but never finished due to numerous interruptions, etc.  It's soooo refreshing to see the surface of the table again!!

Bean had a friend over after VBS today and because the theme of VBS is cooking, Bean asked last night if they could make something.  Bean's idea was playdough, but not the kind that makes her hands itch. (Amazing to me that she remembers that because the last time I made playdough was when she was four!!)  So I jumped on Google and found a recipe for playdough made without salt.
Two cups Baking Soda;  One cup Corn Starch;  1 1/2 cups Water.  Mix until smooth.  Boil until thick.  Divide and add color to suit your taste.  I also added some almond extract because Bean and her friend thought it stank while it was cooking! ;)

And here's a couple of other pictures, since I'm sharing....

Bean sporting her Tallygear tummietote and headband while jumping her heart out on a friend's trampoline.  Wilma stayed put, but her BG took a nose dive.  Gotta love uncovered chips and Ghirardelli chocolate squares!

Bug claimed Lenny the Lion (thanks Meri!!) as her own since he arrived while Bean was at camp.  She's been sleeping with him ever since! 


  1. Oh dear...BUG is so CUTE sleeping with Lenny! Looks like a great day...and looks like you guys are loving Tallgear as much as we do. It is hands down the best pump pack (IMHO).

  2. So adorable. I loved this post. I wish I had a trampoline!

  3. Super cute pics! I loved making homemade playdough when my guys were younger. Almond extract is brilliant!!!

    I need to spend the day de-cluttering my house, I know just what you mean about seeing the surface of the table again...it's awesome! :)

  4. We should be receiving our tummitote any day now... so excited to try it out!

    It looks so cute on Bean. I hope Elise will want to wear it on the outside too, she likes to keep her dexcom receiver hidden.

    Can you come de-clutter my house too? We still have boxes EVERYWHERE! I think they're multiplying!

  5. Ahh I love that moment where I can actually see the table...it's lovely and reminds me of why I actually bought it! Then poof...it's gone again, lost in a mess of papers, Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shops, and various artwork a la Emma. Bug is seriously ADORABLE with Lenny! Oh yes...and I have a GIGANTIC weakness for Ghiradelli chocolate squares! I have a problem...we have a factory discount store here that sells them in bulk...I can't even drive by without "just stopping in!" :o)

  6. AWE! That pictue with Lenny is the best!


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