Friday, July 1, 2011

Venerdì è buona!

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  
Venerdì è buona...Friday is good!
Italian this week!

1.  Stuff in the Mail.  I could actually make this all three things, well four, because it was a stellar mail week!
          a.  Pancreas from I Heart Guts.  I saw this over on Diabetesaliciousness the other day and had to go check it out...then I was totally sucked in by its cuteness and had to order one!  I guess if Bean can't have a functioning one, she can at least have a cute one!! ;)

          b.  Dexcom.  We are now the proud droolers of a Dexcom Seven+.  Granted, Bean doesn't even know it's here yet, but she knows it was on its way, so she'll be thrilled to hear it's arrived.  So looking forward to getting her all hooked up.  Posts to follow, of course!

          c.  Lenny the Lion and stuff.  My entry of ", sandwich plus grapes, carry the muffin, carry the's gonna me a, HELP ME!!" for what Lenny was thinking on day four of Meri's give away week won!  Here's what was in the box...
Lenny, cool letter from Meri, magnet with quote, bracelet,
Post Its and Sharpies

          d.  Letter from Camp!!  We (well, I...Ubergeek was a bit upset that his name wasn't on the envelope or letter!) got a letter from Bean from camp!!  It was addressed by her...very cutely incorrect, but 'fixed' so it would actually get here!  I'm still smiling about it!
the front of the paper was a picture of the bus she rode to camp

"Mommy   I miss you but I am having fun."

2.  Week of Normal.  It was nice to have a week where food wasn't measured or weighed, carbs weren't counted, BGs weren't checked, and sleep was only interrupted by coughing or the need to pee.  It was quite surreal to not think about portions or worry if something wasn't eaten or if more was requested.  Yes, I totally missed Bean but I did not miss D at all!!

3.  Gas is under $4.00!!  It's so nice to see a 3 at the front of gas prices around town!  Some places are as low as $3.94!  You need to understand that I grew up in a house with a Dad that would drive a good 15 minutes out of his way to save a penny on joke!  So, when I mentioned the gas prices to Ubergeek he said that he 'hadn't noticed but of course you would'!  Some things are just ingrained in me and will never go away...and it makes me smile when I notice gas prices because it makes me think of my Daddy!
with the 'gas points' we've earned, I got a 20 cent discount!!
Woo Hoo!!

We are headed out camping for the weekend after we pick up Bean from camp, so you'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear about her adventures!!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth!

And for the record, I'm 5'9"...tall, yes, but not freakishly so like the picture of Amy, Ellie, Bean, and me makes me out to be!! ;)


  1. You KNOW we were ALL DYING to know how tall you are... seriously!

    BTW - I LOVE SHARPIES!!! I have Sharpie love issues. I need help for it.

  2. The letter was so cute! The stuffed pancreas was hysterical, I think I might need one. :)

    And gas for $3.74...Halleluiah!!!!!!!!

  3. Who knew they could make a stuffed pancreas so cute! And gosh, those post its and sharpies are making me drool for real!! I missed entering that giveaway. Bummer! And yes, we were all wondering how tall you are...not freakish at all. Enjoy your weekend and getting Bean back and back to diabetes.

  4. aww what a sweet letter! I love when random things make me think of people I how gas prices make you smile and think of your Dad...:o) Hope you all have a fantastic time camping!

  5. Dang, that is a good mail week! I love getting stuff in the mail. :) Glad to hear that Bean is having a great time at camp!

  6. DUDE...5'9" is pretty dang tall!!! Yes, you and Amy seem to accentuate each other's height ~ LOL.

    What a wonderful list to be thankful for. I hope you and the family have a wonderful weekend. I'll be on vacation next if I am not around you'll know why. xo

  7. Have I mentioned how much I adore your Good Fridays posts with the various foreign language titles???? Makes me smile e-v-e-r-y time :)

    I am so glad you bought the stuffed pancreas. I thought about it, but wondered if it was too weird. Now I know it isn't and I may just go buy one!

    The other mail goodies are good, but the letter is the BEST! Bean is so sweet I could eat her up. If I did, though, I hope it woudl be at a time her blood sugars were high so she would be extra sweet. Hehe

    Oh, and your P.S. cracked me up. I am only 4'11 and 1/2" . . . . which does make 5'9" seem freaskishly tall. And, weren't you wearing shoes with lift?!

  8. What a great post I love this list!! I cant wait to hear about camp. My brother in law is going to be a dr. at a type 1 camp in NY last year he had the best time with the kids. GREAT post

  9. Denise, you DID have a great week! : ) Wow! Dex, and Lenny, and LOVE that pancreas and his little happy face! : )
    ps-and I *heart* Bean's letter. (Love the pink pen!)

  10. So, in fact, you are nor Hagrid to Amy's Harry but rather she is Dobby the House Elf! I have been having the hardest time commenting on your blog as my comments keep getting eaten and then disappear. It seems to be working today ... I'll keep going while I have the chance. Thanks so very much for all your comments on my own blog. I loved hearing from you and loved seeing your photo and your gorgeous girls on Amy's blog.
    I am 5'10" by the way! A photo of us either side of Amy would be blogging gold! Hope camp went super well.


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