Monday, May 9, 2011

"all our friends are different..."

"...but we love them all the same."    OK, so I'm borrowing some lyrics from Yo Gabba Gabba...the one where Muno has to have glasses for his eye; or would it be 'glass' for his eye since he only has one eye?  (Yeah, brain is kinda mushy this morning!)


Day One of Diabetes Blog Week 2011: Admiring our Differences.  
Check out Bitter~Sweet for more information.

As a mom of a T1 I am drawn to other moms with T1s.  It's only natural to want to know that you are not alone on this journey; that there are others spending their nights doing BG checks instead of sleeping, measuring food and counting carbs every time their kid(s) eat, looking over numbers and trying to find patterns and making adjustments, worrying about what the future will hold.

It is in other D-mom blogs that I find reassurance, support, great ideas (both for what to do and what to try to avoid), shared tears, and much needed laughter.  Some of these moms have kids younger than my Bean; some older.  Some have been doing this years longer than I have; some are very close in time to Bean's dx; some are just starting on this journey.  Some manage MDIs, use the OmniPod like Bean, or one of many other pumps.  

There are so many differences among a group of moms who have so much in common.  Some can always find the silver lining; some like to rip the cloud a new one in search of said lining; some just give the cloud the finger and could careless about the lining.  I appreciate each perspective; each way of dealing with this maddening disease.

Then there are the blogs of those who have been living with T1 for years and year.  Those who were diagnosed as children and are now adults sharing their stories.  My current obsession is Diabetesaliciousness.
Just the name in an of itself always makes me smile...and who doesn't need a smile?  Then there is the way that Kelly is able to transport me with her posts.  It's like I'm right there living them with her.  And I totally appreciate her bitch-switch....I hope Bean is able to use her effectively when she needs to; for now I have to flip my switch on her behalf sometimes!
It's through Kelly's blog that I'm able to see an amazing future for Bean.  Not that I feel that D has taken away the future I dreamed for her; it's just that now that future will have an unwanted, constant tag-a-long.  Knowing that there are amazing women like Kelly out there living their inspiring Glamazon life is an inspiration.  Just one of many I hope Bean will look up to and find comfort in knowing that others have been where she is and haven't let D get in their way.

I am blessed to have found the DOC.  I am thankful that each blog has it's own story to tell, it's own perspective about this same life we are all living in one way or another.  

"All my friend are different, but I love them all the same!"


  1. Love the cloud/lining anology. I think right now I'm giving it the finger! :-)

  2. :)...Me too, I feel so connected to much of the DOC inspite of our differences and I appreciate the PWD blogs because of their insight.

  3. Nice post... I also like knowing about other families out there dealing with type 1 and reading about their lives..Thanks for blogging. Have a great evening..

  4. Love this post! I'm Windy and have lived with T1 since I was 7 (turning 30 this year!) I too, LOVE Kelly's blog... she's hysterical. Take care!

  5. Denise -
    WOW - I'm like, totally speechless!
    Thank SO MUCH!
    Dparents always share with me ad allow me to what my own parents must have been dealing with - Thank you for that!
    I know that Bean is going to do fantastical things with her life and is already a Jr. Diazon!
    Kelly K
    PS: I'm also totally thrilled to be mentioned in the same post as Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba!


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