Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Land of Fairies and Donuts

I spent the longest 24 hours of my life in Fairy Hell this weekend.

I was one of the chaperons for a Girl Scout Overnight Event so Bean could participate.  And let me tell you that staying in a cabin with 14 7 year olds dressed like fairies is NOT Fairy Heaven!!  Overall, the event was great.  The girls had a ton of fun trapesing through the woods to find the perfect spot to build a fairy house, made a fairy costume (complete with tulle skirt, wings, and crown), various 'fairy' crafts like making fairies out of pipe cleaners, wooden ball, and paper flowers, a rolling elf, and book about what they liked best decorated with fairy stickers.  True bliss for 7 year old girls!

D cooperated fairly (ha, ha!) well.  We had done an early pod change Friday night to avoid having to do one while at the event (actual change should have been before dinner on Saturday).  And of course, the pod alarms during the bathroom break after dinner Saturday!!  So, back to the cabin for quick change before the evening's festivities began.  BGs were pretty 303 after the pod change, but it didn't surprise me at all since we plan pod changes to go with a bolus we can bump up to get the pod really primed; one 77 when I checked her two hours before breakfast but a little milk boosted her just fine; and we totally kicked syrup's a$$ at huge spike that generally keeps us away from pancakes and waffles with syrup!  She was in range two hours after breakfast....yipee!!!

During the insanity of those 24 hours I remembered that the Children's Ministry at church was doing their 'store' for the 'bucks' they give out on Sunday.  Bean had saved up $91 of said bucks and was so excited about getting to spend them.  Thankfully there is a late afternoon service, so there was time to get back from the overnight event (which she kept calling the 'night over event'...too cute!) and get her changed for church.  Ubergeek graciously took her so I could crash on the couch otherwise I would have been sleeping during service!!

When they got home, Ubergeek told me that they had donuts during the 'store' and Bean was offered one.  She said, "thanks, but I can't have it right now; but could I have one to take home, please?"  Such a great kid!!  Only problem was, they wrapped in it a tissue (who does that with a sticky donut?!?!?) so by the time they got home the tissue had become a part of the donut making it impossible to eat.  Enter tears of overly tired, totally bummed out Bean.  So, off to the store they went to get a replacement donut...Ubergeek is awesome like that....and they even brought one home for me, too!

Needless to say as soon as Bug goes down for her about 5 minutes...I will be napping, too!  I was up at 5:30 this morning to get ready to set up for the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast this morning at school...who's brilliant idea was it to schedule a breakfast to start at 7:30 the morning after the afore mentioned overnight event?  Oh, that was me!!  Duh!!!!


  1. wow, what a kind-hearted volunteer you are to do both a crazy fairy night and an early breakfast! I'm too overwhelmed by my daily sched to volunteer for much. But, I really don't envy the fairy night -- while great for the girls, I think it might have made me a bit crazy!

  2. I am with are one incredible volunteer lady ~ pancreas by force,not choice ~ wife of ubergeek ~ mom ~ cool blogger person. I am impressed. AND..the w/e sounds like a success all around!

  3. Sounds like a crazy, busy, fun time! Glad Bean got her donut despite the original one being wrapped in tissue...I'm somtimes mind-boggled with the way snacks are sent home with Charlotte...gotta wonder what people are thinking when they package things up (always reminds me of the teenagers that bag my groceries all crazy-like, lol)

  4. lolol i love that D cooperated "fairly" and she had a great time! You are definitely one rockin volunteer Momma too! Emma once came home from school with a piece of halloween cake wrapped in kleenex....lolol...yucky orange and black ball of kleenex mess after being shoved into the bottom of her backpack...EWW


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