Thursday, May 26, 2011

Me? six until me...Me?

OK, so I'm just beside myself at the moment.  Flabbergasted, shell shocked, shaking my head in disbelief....enter the synonym or saying of your choice and that's me!

First, let me publicly THANK YOU, DOC for your comments and love for Type 1 D-Moms song.  I don't think that I posted a thank you, probably because I was and still am in disbelief about the whole THANK YOU!!  I have to tell you that I've been overwhelmed by the whole thing...something that I was just doing to bring a smile to a few around the handful blogs I knew has turned into this ridiculous world-wide thing.  I guess that's what can happen when you post something on the world wide web!! DUH!!

Second, not to toot my own horn...because truly I'm still in shock that this song is 'out there'....but I was mentioned on six until me today.  Me...on six until me...crazy!!  Oh, and if you haven't seen the other song she mentions in the post by ShugaSheen, it's a must see!  Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to do a video!

Third,, I got nuthin'

Love you all....seriously...mag, huge love for all the wonderful friends I've made in the short weeks I've been blogging.  Love, love, love!!


  1. So, will you still remember all the little people who 'knew' you before the fame?! ;)

    I think you are the perfect rockstar image for the DOC. So glad to have to the chance to be a part of such a creative and loving group!!!!

  2. The song deserves props! We gotta figure out how to make an entire CD...we could get an entire group of Mamas!

    Being featured on SUM is like hosting SNL in the DOC!

  3. I had that song in my head all day again rock, girl!!

  4. WoHOO!!! AND what Amy said, don't forget us little Peeps!!! :) Good for you Denise. That is wonderful.

  5. Thanks for creating such a great tune, Denise! You rock!

  6. awww awesome. i loved it too. more than that, im loving the doc. so glad i found you all xx.

  7. You might be flabbergasted, but I'm not surprised! Your song is so fantastic!!!!

    Go for the video! Do it! Have fun! :)


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