Sunday, May 29, 2011

The one where I complain...

...because it's 2:05 in the morning and I'm not sleeping!

OK, so we all know the Ubergeek has some mad skillz.

And we're all aware of his talent for mixing the tunes.

BUT, he's not so great in the 'proper tone of voice to use when he's had the I think I should test Bean feeling' when he's stayed up way too late and I'm already peacefully slumbering and have set my alarm based on the check I did before said sleep.  (She was 213 at 10:15pm...totally a number worthy of close to four hours before I was going to check her.)

Now, I'm appreciative of the feeling because he's 99% spot on.  He's caught a few lows and a few would be lows, and that's great.  Take tonight, rather this morning, for example.

Ubergeek is finally coming up to bed after working with a computer client (what did you think he did with a name like Ubergeek?!?) and decides that he's going to check Bean.  (Something he occasionally does.)  I hear him stomping back from Bean's room...OK, it sounds like stomping to me because it wakes me up...and he proceeds to loudly check the alarm clock by the bed to see when I was planning to get up.
I remind him that I don't use that alarm (I have a tendency to sleep through it!) and that I was getting up at 2...which would be in about 45 minutes.  He then proceeds to announce in a what I hear as really loud and 'your pancreas skills suck at the moment' kind of tone, that Bean is at 71 and he'd like to know what we're going to do about it.  I guess in my 'still trying to shake the wonderfulness of the deep sleep I was in' pause before my answer he lets me know that I can give him my decision after he brushes his teeth.  OK, now I'm fully awake and getting pissed.

I get myself up and head downstairs to get Bean a sqeeze applesauce (gets her up nicely, but slower than juice and I'm not really looking for a big 'up' at the moment) and snack cheese (a little protein and fat to hold her once she's 'up') and head back upstairs and into her room...not forgetting to judgmentally take note of the glow of light from underneath the bathroom door.  After a bit of coaxing, Bean eats her snack and is practically snoring oh so softly as soon as she's asked where she was to have had to have a snack and her head hits the pillow.

I head back to bed, where Ubergeek is snuggled under the covers.  He proceeds to talk....sounds a lot like all the adults in Charlie Brown because I'm listening through tired and pissed off ears.  I respond with some snarky replies.  He asks if I'm going to be checking her in 15 minutes and I say of course.  Four minutes later, he's snoring and I'm laying there waiting for the rest of the 11 minutes to pass...stewing, getting irritated, and forming this blog in my mind!

I check Bean again...103, nice, and I know she'll be coming up more...and head back to bed.  Reset the alarm on my phone for 3 because that's what I do...I get up and check multiple times on nights like this (don't we all?!) and try to settle back to sleep.

Obviously that didn't work since I'm on the computer and not back in dreamland!

I tried, really I did.  I found that comfy spot, closed my eyes, and tried to go back to sleep.  It rarely happens that I can't fall back to sleep...hasn't happened for a really long time.  But tonight, um this morning, not so much.

So, I'm up with all the other D-Moms and D-Dads who are up checking on their kiddos this morning.  Those of you crazy people on the east coast that get up this early in the morning...Hi Reyna! ;)

I guess it's a good thing that I forgot to put flour on my list when I ran out to the store to get cookie ingredients or I would have downed several by now!  Maybe a banana is a better choice and with the leg cramps I've been waking up with lately, definitely a better choice!

So, off to eat a banana and try to get to sleep....not that that will be an easy thing to do because I can hear Ubergeek snoring from upstairs!!

You can bet your sweet bippy that he'll be the one on breakfast duty in the morning!!! ;)

**Edited to add....206 at 2:45, thank you very much!  The banana was yummy and I'm off to try to sleep until 5!**


  1. I hope you got some SLEEP!!! I feel you. I have had many nights like the one you so descriptively wrote about. AND, I appreciated your honesty about the "annoyance" with uber-geek. I, too, get that way...especially when woken from a peaceful slumber.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend Denise!!!

  2. Your Honor I would like to call my first witness.....Your Honor being that a "Low" is always a slightly "Alarming" situation I would like to call to the stand the Alarm Clock.

    Mr. Clock on the night / morning in question in your opinion was my tone snarky or one of compassion?

    Mr. Clock: No comment

    Mr. Clock is it in your opinion that the Snoring that was mention was slightly exaggerated.

    Mr. Clock: No comment

    Mr. Clock may I remind you are under oath in the court of the D.O.C.

    Mr. Clock: Beep-Beep-Beep Beep-Beep-Beep Beep-Beep-Beep

    So your Honor in closing there obviously was no witnesses to these injustices. So I would like to say Sweetheart I LOVE YOU and your blog. Also the D.O.C is amazing.

  3. I also hope you get rested up :) And it's sweet how your husbands loves you and your blog..haha - Hope you all have a great week.
    Love and prayers.

  4. oooh yeah. ive been up reading blogs at 3am. im accustomed to never sleeping. i think my husband just refuses to budge so i have taken on 'captain' pancreas role. no disputes then, right? lol. he selectively hears alarms. the wake for work, yes. the test at 12, 3,6am? nah not so often.

  5. Blog reading in the wee hours of the morning is perfectly normal behavior, am I correct?

    I mean...what ELSE does one do with insomnia and blood sugar mania?

    Love Ubergeek's reply :)

  6. UGH I can totally relate! This morning my husband (who is always on weekend morning duty so I can sleep in) woke me up to tell me he got Emma McDonald's for breakfast for a special Daddy/daughter morning and that he looked up the carbs on the internet and it was 50g of carb.....nice....i needed to know world is complete now...lololol. Anyway, hope you got some sleep this morning, Momma!!

  7. At one year post-dx, I am puzzled as to why Uber-geek has not been trained to treat a low blood sugar of 70, and, since he was already up, wait an extra 15 minutes to recheck his child's blood sugar. Having only one parent do all the D care is unfair, and dangerous. Treating a 70, and checking to see how much IOB is left is routine and is not beyond the capabilities of anyone in our household; this includes siblings, grandparents, etc. and the child herself, since the age of 9 or 10, if she is awake. If a spouse is too exhausted, at some point he/she won't respond to the alarm when he/she needs to, sleep through it with possibly dangerous consequences. I would take uber post haste back to the endos office and have him trained properly. And uber should be more considerate of his spouse's need for a few hours uninterrupted sleep, which is probably about all she gets most nights.

  8. Why is it that ppl have to HIDE behind anonymous comments??? That drives me crazy.

    Anywho... my husdband is the same way. Even if he is the one checking... he comes in and asks me what to do. WHAT IS THAT!!!

    And we are OVER 2 1/2 years in... take THAT Anonymous!!!

    ** I'm talking about anon comments and now google wont let me sign in :/

    my diabetic child :)

    you do have to give ubergeek credit for his reply :)

  9. bahahaha - ubergeek is very funny. I think you both rock!

    Anonymous above can suck it (not Lora)because anonymous comments are stupid!

    And because you don't know jack! We've been doing this for almost 2 years and I DO IT ALL. Every bit of it. It is what it is and who are you to judge??


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