Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well, Miracles Never Cease!

I was enjoying a rare nap this afternoon.  Not a snooze on the couch.  No.  A full on, in my pjs, in my bed, N.A.P.

Having gone to bed later than I should have last night (when will I learn?!?) and being up twice to check on Bean because we're trying out a new dinner ratio and having to be up early this morning to go accompany Bean to a performance I was T.I.R.E.D.  (gosh, I"m liking those capitals and periods, huh?)

So, there I was, blissfully dozing when my phone started buzzing.  I've learned that the buzzing wakes me but doesn't 'scare me awake' like the ring does, and who needs that extra adrenaline rush?  I see the caller ID and it's Bean's school.  Quick glance at the clock and see that it's time for her to be dosing for her after school snack before Drama Club.

Hi Denise, it's Nurse.  She's at 66 and she's having her apple sauce.  What else do I need to have her do?

Whoa? What?  
First, Nurse is never there that late in the afternoon.  
Second, she's actually following the directions on what to do if Bean is lower than 70?!?! 

I told her to have her test again in 15mins to make sure she's going up and that she could go ahead and have her snack, too.  Bean wanted to talk to me, so I told her basically the same thing except she didn't want to eat her snack yet....kinda odd, but she sounded totally 'with it'...she then explained that if she ate her snack then she wouldn't have anything to eat when her friends were eating...makes total sense, so I told her she could wait.

I got off the phone and immediately decided I was heading to school.  Bug was still napping but it just so happened Ubergeek decided to come home from work early because he wasn't feel well so off I went.  Had he not been home, I probably would have debated with myself for a while and ended up going anyway having a cranky Bug along for the, er, fun.

By the time I got there, Bean had just tested again and was up to 84.  Applesauce raises her slowly.  I went ahead and had her dose for her snack, but entered the 66 so it would give her a smaller amount of insulin.  (If she had been at 84 when she initially tested, she would have dosed for her snack like usual, so it didn't bother me to have her bolus.  And, I didn't want her sky rocketing either.)

I went through the records on her PDM (controller for the OmniPod) to see if I could make sense of this low since she's only gone low one other time at school and that was after the recess debacle. Nothing there to really shed any light other than what I already knew about the day.
(Bean had a dance performance this morning and had a snack after.  One hour later she was testing a dosing for lunch, so she was higher than she usually is for lunch and thus had a correction as well as her meal coverage bolus.  She usually does OK with corrections with meals; it's the 'stand alone' corrections that can drop her.  We might need to look at that correction factor a bit more closely!)
I went to talk with her teacher and he mentioned that he asked her in the afternoon if she was feeling OK; if she was feel low.  She said she felt fine and didn't feel low.  He, of course, wished he had had her go check...gotta love hindsight!  They did have Sport (P.E) this afternoon, so I went to talk with that teacher to see if what they did was more active than usual...nope.  Plus, Bean has never had issues with Sport because the timing is close enough to when she's eaten that it doesn't effect her like recess can.
So, no real information to help me figure out where the 66 came from.  Isn't that just like D to leave absolutely no clues!!

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon and evening have brought low-ish numbers: 76 before dinner, 116 two hours post dinner (snack given and covered at half of the recommended bolus); 122  forty-five minutes post snack and time for bed (snack given with no coverage).  We'll see what the night brings!
(Oh, she did pop up to 175 an hour post after school snack, in case you were wondering!)

So thinking that new dinner ratio is not doing what we wanted it to do.  We had adjusted it trying to deal with the 9-11pm spike she's having of late.  We had upped her basal from 7-9 and that didn't do the trick.  I'm thinking I'm putting her dinner ratio back to what it was and playing around with the basal a bit.  I don't want her running that low at night and I've had to turn off her basal and/or give her a snack the past few nights to ward off overnight lows.  It's a never ending process!!! glad that the school did what it was supposed to do this time!!
Miracles never cease!!


  1. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta love it when that happens!

    I don't know what I'd do without our school nurse. She's a PHENOMENAL part of our team...and she's learned how to manage Sugar with amazing precision.

    Sorry bout your nap, though :(

  2. WoHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the School Nurse following through with the "plan" and good luck with the night numbers. I too, find it is never-ending ... the tweaking ... the studying ... the re-tweaking. You are a wonderful Mama Pancreas.

  3. YAY for the school nurse doing what she was supposed to do!! I love how you played diabetes detective too and talked to everyone trying to find the source or reason for the 66...i had this visual in my head of you dressed as Sherlock Holmes for some reason diabetes sleuthing...lolol...great job Momma!


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