Sunday, May 22, 2011

My life is on "SCAN"

So I have this bad habit of letting the radio in the car (no, it's not really a car, but I call everything a car unless it's an actual truck and even then there's no guarantee that I won't call it a car...but I digress) run on 'scan' for long periods of time.  

Maybe it's because there's not a station I want to leave it on all the time.  Well, there was a time that I would only have it on KLOVE (a Christian station) but after my dad passed away there were way too many songs that would leave me in tears and when you're driving that's just not a good thing.  

So, I started trying out the other stations that had been programmed on those lovely preset buttons.  But they didn't have long stretches of songs that I'd want to listen to...or even two songs in a row for that matter.  So, I would hit the scan button and just let it go 'round and 'round until I heard something I wanted to listen to or had reached my destination.  Bug didn't mind; Bean didn't mind...although she would get frustrated if she heard part of a song she'd want to listen to but if I didn't know it (and thus knew it was OK) I would let the scan continue.  Well, Ubergeek REALLY minds.  To him, it's like fingernails on a blackboard come to find out.  We aren't in the same car (see? and what's funny is we don't even own a car) very often so it wasn't ever really an issue; but yesterday it just about ruined our marriage.  OK, so I'm exaggerating A LOT here, but he was visibly irritated and even turned off the radio all together with quite the flourish!

So, I tried to explain to him why it doesn't bother me in the least that the radio goes 'round and 'round on scan, pausing at each station for a mere 5 seconds (although if it's a terrible song, it seems like forever!) because in actuality my life runs on scan!  

I hang out with Bug all day who enjoys having Yo Gabba Gabba on even if she's not really watching it.  So I pretty much tune it out unless she insists I acknowledge something Foofa or Brobee has said or done.  Usually takes about 5 seconds.  That same almost three year old has a tendency to bounce from activity to activity, like any normal preschooler does.  So at one moment she could be asking me to help her find the crayons so she can color (takes about 5 seconds) or asking for a snack and then going through the pantry listing all of her choices (takes about 5 seconds), or engaging me in some random conversation (takes about 5 seconds).  

Then there's Bean.  She's almost 7, but she has a tendency to flit from activity to activity until she lands on something she wants to spend hours on.  And there is always some random thought that pops into her head that she just has to share with me (takes about 5 seconds).  Add D into the mix and there's a series of '5 second' sounds...unzipping the case; cocking and popping the lancing device; the beep (blood has hit the strip) to the beep, beep (when the number pops up, if she's not low or high); the putting in of carbs, the telling of the dose, then the giving of the dose.

Then there are the series of '5 seconds' that I'm able to actually concentrate on things without being interrupted by Bug or Bean or Ubergeek or the phone or a text or, or, or!   Loading the dishwasher while finding crayons or listening to the 'beep...beep,beep.'  Doing the laundry shuffle while reminding the girls to 'be kind' or telling them for the millionth time that no, it's not time for a snack yet.  Or take this post for example, I have lost track of the number of times I've been interrupted in 5 second intervals!!!

So the fact that I can take a 10 or more minute drive in the car (really, what is it with me a calling it a car?!?!) with the radio on scan and it not even phase me shouldn't really come as a surprise!  

My life is on SCAN!!


  1. LOL! I'm curious...if it's not a car, what is it you are driving? :)

    I'm not a scanner, but I will keep pushing our presets until I find a song I like. Drives my husband batty as well! So now, I mostly listen to my ipod and the kids play DJ. Or my podcasts. :)

  2. My husband drives me crazy with the song changing! Even on his iPod! UGH! Just listen to the song, already!!!

    I love KLove and Air1. And I like country. And there's this 80's station I get a kick out of.


  3. My husband does that with the TV. Drives me batty!!!! But I like your analogy...a lot! When the kids are not in school, my life is definitely on scan!

    For the record, I drive a minivan that I always refer to as my "car." When we're leaving the house, I'll tell the kids, "Go get in the car and buckle up." Or I might look at it and think "I need to get my car washed." :)

  4. Life in true!

    I can't stand commercials on the radio. I won't even be paying attention to the music but as soon as a commercial is on, I gotta change it. Drives my hubs crazy. Oh well ;-)


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