Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"If We Couldn't Laugh We Would All Go Insane"

My thanks to Jimmy Buffet for those totally appropriate lyrics!
Without a huge dose of humor, those doses of insulin would drive us all nuts...well, more nuts!


Day Three of Diabetes Blog Week:  Share Bloopers
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It's been almost a year since Bean's diagnosis and there have been many tears, many choice words, and, thankfully, many laughs along the way.  Some of those laughable moments were truly funny at the time, others have found their humor over time.  Some are funny only to us; some just might be funny to you, too.

Ubergeek and Bean were at Fred Meyer (grocery store for those of you who aren't familiar).  They were grabbing a few needed items and happened to be near the bakery area.  A beeping noise rings through the air and as anyone dealing with D knows, beeps are always cause to pause and pay attention.  Without missing a step, Bean tilts her head towards her arm where her pod happens to be, then says totally nonchalantly "Nope, not me this time, Dad." 

This past Monday, Bean's Girl Scout troop had a celebration planned complete with cake and juice. (Oh, goodie!)  Knowing that she'd still need her usual after school snack to hold her until the cake was dolled out, I made sure to write out instructions to put on said snack baggie to make sure she dosed for the cake, too, but extended the dose so as not to crash in the meantime.  I told Bean what the note said and reminded her when she was getting out of the car at school that morning to remember to extend.  She asked me what her snack was and headed off for the day.  When I arrived for the celebration she immediately came up to me with a bit of a long face.  She told me that she had forgotten to dose for the cake and was hoping I would just 'straight dose' her for it so she could have some.  I asked her if she had dosed for her snack...while getting her PDM to see what had been done.  I saw that she had dosed for her snack at the correct carb amount....information that was not on the note or the snack baggie...and asked her how she knew how many carbs to dose for her snack.  She said, with a 7 year old attitude kind of voice and a bit of an eye roll, "Mom, I know how many carbs Cheez-Its are!"

And one more that I've shared before here, but it's worth repeating...

We went by the coffee stand (skinny, decaf, 3pump vanilla latte, please!) on our way to the morning's activities and that means a cookie for Bug and she knows it very well.  It was a tradition started with Bean, though she doesn't get them often now because of school more than because of D since our coffee stand stops are usually when Bean's not with us.  Granted, when Bean is with us, I let her have a little piece, too, and cover accordingly.  So, anyway...we are waiting for our yummy goodness to be handed through the window and Bug shouts from the backseat "I LOVE GRAMS!"  What?!?!  Ubergeek and I look at each other trying to figure out if we heard her right.  We both ask, "you love what?"  "GRAMS! I LOVE GRAMS!"  Then it dawns on me....every time Bean eats, she asks me "how many grams" so she can plug it into her PDM so she can bolus.  So I ask Bug if this is what she means and in her best two and a half year old 'wow, mom you are so slow' voice she replies, "Yes, I LOVE GRAMS, like Bean (uses her real name, of course) gets to eat!"

In case you are, I didn't get my nap yesterday.  Bug took forever to go to sleep and I got sucked into all the wonderful blog posts waiting for her to quiet down.  Bean's numbers were way better, though.  And Ubergeek totally rocked the SWAG for the dessert fest that accompanied the Talent Show they went to last night.  I did get to bed early and slept for 6 hours straight!!  Granted, that meant I missed a midnight BG check (set the alarm time, but didn't turn it on, DUH!!)  Bean was at 312 when she came to crawl in bed with me at 4am after a bad dream about a frog that was eating her (what?!?).  But I wasn't that surprised since she had an uncovered snack before bed because she was at 91...nice number post dessert fest, not a nice number to go to sleep on..and when I went to bed she was at 210.  Thankfully it was an OK night to sleep!!


  1. My little ones always ask me how many carbs and if they are high or low and the are not T1. They just hear Cara and copy her.

    And I have been having alarm "issues" as well. shutting them off when I don't even remember and a few nights ago not even setting it...nice!!

    great bloopers!!

  2. I can clearly hear Jack with the "Duh, mom!" tone saying "Mom, I know how many carbs Cheez-Its are!"

    Classic D kid stuff! Love it!

  3. I can sooo see Joe with the "Cheez-It" comment...and the "grams" story is priceless.

    Glad you got some sleep last night.

  4. "I love grams". lol That is too cute!

  5. Oh so familiar with the beeping! Totally look at Nate 1st every time no matter where we are.

  6. With a 7 year old girl of my own, I can TOTALLY relate to the Cheez-it comment...lolol! Glad to hear you got 6 straight hours of sleep...that is awesome!


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