Friday, May 13, 2011

That is Scho Aweschum!

So my Day Four Post, Ten Thing I Hate About D, was posted mere minutes before Blogger decided to go all stupid yesterday.  And now it's no where to be found!!  I hope you got to read it before it went away and I hope somehow it magically reappears because I don't know if my brain has the capacity to remember it!  I also want to let you know that I read all of your posts and it was killing me to not be able to comment.  I enjoyed all of your lists and was nodding in agreement the entire time!


Day Five of Diabetes Blog Week: Awesome Things Despite D
Check out Bitter-Sweet for more information!

First and foremost, I must say that the most awesome thing for me about Bean's diagnosis has been finding and connecting with all of the wonderful Dmamas, Dpapas, and PWDs that are a part of the DOC.  I am thankful that it was only about 6 months into this journey that Ubergeek stumbled upon a couple of blogs that opened the door of this amazing community to me.

As far as awesome things for Bean are concerned, a couple come to mind.  I'm sure I could dig around for more, but these will do for now!!

Horseback riding lessons.
    This would have never been something we would have done before D.  Sure, she might have wanted to take lessons, but it most likely would have stayed a 'want.'  However, because of D we connected with an amazing gal who has been living with D for about 6 years who happens to have a horse and happens to give lessons to a few kids.  Bean got so much more than just horseback riding lessons from her.  They were able to talk about D in a way that only those who live with it as a part of themselves can.  We are looking forward to more lessons this summer!!

    Yeah, you read that right.  I know we live in Alaska and most people would love to come camp here, but we're not really 'outdoorsy' people.  I never camped growing up in Georgia so it wasn't a part of my childhood that I felt the need to pass along to my girls.  Ubergeek's family camped, kind of....most of the stories I've heard involve an RV and handing beer to his Grandfather, who was driving said RV. Yikes!  
  Anyway...some friends we made because of D invited us to go camping and although we didn't actually 'camp' we did hang out all day outside in the cold Alaska rain (crappy, crappy summer last year).  That was huge for us.  And Bean loved every minute of it.
  That gave us the confidence to try another adventure.  We rented an RV and hung out with a group of friends from Bean's school for a weekend last summer.  And although the rain was with us the whole time, we really did have a great time and are planning to do it again this summer.  Oh, and all of the running around Bean did kept her numbers in an amazing place and she was able to enjoy lots of uncovered s'mores!!


  1. THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! Camping and Horseback riding...what more can a girl want? She sounds like a rugged gal Denise. And...I cannot believe blogger stole our posts and it took about half of my comments from the previous post...2 days ago...STUPID BLOGGER...BLOGGER Does NOT = AWESOME!

  2. I agree! Blogger sucks!!

    Omg I love horseback riding!! So awshum is right!

  3. Wow, those are two pretty awesome things. Although I have to admit, I'm more drawn to horseback riding than camping - I always said if people were meant to sleep in tents there wouldn't be any such thing as hotels!! :)


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