Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lurking in the Archives

Ever had one of those days that you just needed to read and read and read and read blogs?

One of those days when you needed 'same' and you needed A LOT of it?

One of those days when the posts of that day were not nearly enough?

Well, I have those days often!!

I am a reader at heart.  I remember the days of starting a book and not putting it down until it was finished.  The glorious days of curling up on the couch and just getting lost within the pages of a wonderful book.  The hours and hours of sleep that were tossed out the window because there was no way I was putting the book down until I was to a good stopping point...or the book was complete.  Ah, I miss those days....wish I could have the sleep back, but oh, well!!

Now my reading material of choice is BLOGS!!!

Hi, my name is Denise and I am addicted to reading blogs....DOC blogs to be exact.  Blogs of other D-moms and D-dads and PWD that fill my cup when it's empty with the sameness that we all long for.

So, back to the title...I have been lurking in the archives of some of the 50 (yes, I just counted all of the ones I have listed in my blog roll and it's a nice, even 50!) that I read.  I need to actually 'follow' them...I hadn't done that yrt mainly because I didn't have an image for my profile and didn't one to be one of the faceless followers.  Now that I have an image, I need to start 'following' all of you wonderful bloggers...

Wow, can we get back to the post, please?!?!  Serious attention span issues today!

When I was first introduced to the DOC (didn't even know what those letters meant a few short months ago) I immersed myself in Joanne's Death of a Pancreas.  I felt a kinship to her and wanted to read every word she ever typed.  (In fact when I started this blog and she was the first to comment, I just about lost it!  I was giddy; I was giggly; I wasn't able to go to sleep until I had emailed her.)  I spent hours and hours reading her posts; nodding my head in agreement, crying tears of pain and joy, washed in the knowledge that I wasn't alone in this D life.

Then I ventured out into the DOC and discovered (thanks to those wonderful blog rolls...thanks, everyone, for sharing what you opens new possibilities for friendships 'out there') many other blogs; many other moms up at all hours checking BGs; many other moms fretting over those numbers, trying to make sense of them; many other moms not letting D get the best of them or their kids; many PWD who could shed light on what the future might hold.

That held me for a while.  My reading bug was satiated.  Then I got hungry again.  I needed more...I needed, wanted to connect with some of this bloggers that I was reading every day or so.

So I delved into Reyna's world at BETA BUDDIES.  I had to go a bit 'slower' with those posts because there's only so much laughing I can do at one time...and I was tired of being asked what I was reading because it's not like I can read some of those posts to my almost three year old!!! ;)  But, still, I devoured them.  I laughed, cried, muttered FFS under my breath along with her. ;)  Felt more 'same.'

Then D-Blog Week came along and I was rolling in posts to read!  I was in HEAVEN!!  More posts everyday than I could possibly read.  New D-moms, new D-dads, new PWD, new 'same!'

But then it was over and I needed to pick another blog from which to get my fix.  Now I'm delving into the swelling brain of Meri over at Our Diabetic Life.  It's been so much fun 'getting to know' her, her three boys with D and one without, and her adorable dog (so, so, so jealous!!).

I'm getting close to being 'current' over there and will pick another blog to go lurk in the archives.  It's just what I do....just something that keeps my need to read fulfilled while keeping my cup of same filled, too.
Sure, I could be folding laundry or cleaning toilets, but who the heck in their right mind would choose that over reading a blog?!?!

Um, not me!!

So, if you are ever in need of a same fix and you've read all of new posts for the day, take a looky-loo in the archives of one of the many, many blogs out there.  You'll be amazed that it doesn't matter that it's the middle of May and the sun is shining and you are reading a post from December....same is same all year long!  D doesn't care what season it is, what time zone you are in, what country you are in for that matter!!  Just knowing at that moment that someone else has 'been there' is a wonderful thing!!

Now, off to tend to the toilets that are in dire need of cleaning....can't be all blogs, all the time!!


  1. I feel the same way. I LOVE reading every ones blogs. So amazing!

  2. Yep. Once I find a "new" to me blog...I read the WHOLE thing!

  3. I did the same thing a few months back with several different blogs that I really is fun reading through all the older posts. And always nice to know that we're not alone in this craziness :)

  4. I only wish I had more time... I get so caught up in reading that I forget to post to my own blog! :-)

  5. I am a serious D-blog-aholic. I'm so into reading blogs and getting my daily dose of the DOC that I haven't read a book, other than a kids' book or a cookbook, in ages. Did I really just admit that?!

    Love reading back through the archives, too!

  6. Love this idea Denise! I will definitely have to do some lurking in the archives as cup of same is feeling a little low today.

  7. OK, when I get some more time...I need to do this too. I am so impressed you have done this. I am slightly embarassed too. My writing (not that it is good now) was HORRIBLE in the beginning.

    AND...I know what you mean about laundry and toilets. Know I am right there with you.

  8. You are my twin . . . we must have been separated at birth ;). I LOVE to go through the archives of blogs. I spend so much time doing it I am afriad I may need a support group. Will you join me?

  9. I love the archives too!

    I moved my URL about a year ago. Most of my archives are private now, but there were some good ones tucked in there. Every now and then, I'll re post one.

    Archives are like the windows to a blogger's soul :)

    PS - Did you check out Six Until Me today?


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