Monday, May 30, 2011

Tissues and Test Strips

Yesterday was a pod change day.

We've been doing them before dinner for months so we could make sure it was 'good to go' for school the next day.

Most of the time we're 'good to go' with in the first few hours...but not lately. for the past four or so pods....we've battled highs for most of the night, finally seeing nice numbers by breakfast.

Last night was no exception to our recent lack of 'good to go' situation!

I'm not going to go into the BG-loggy details because I just don't really feel like it or want to bog down this post with all the numbers ;) ....suffice it to say that between 6:29PM and 6:25AM Bean's BG was checked 9 times because of stubborn highs!!

Because of me trying something different (cranking her basal and doing a smaller correction instead of just doing the 'big' correction like I usually do, and Ubergeek not being totally OK with her going to bed during my 'science experiment,' Bean hung out at the end of our bed for most of the night.

Not a ton of sleeping was going on, needless to say, with her being high at the end of our bed and not wanting to drift off to dreamland like I soooo wanted to do.

This is the way the dresser looked this morning.  (it acts as our footboard and is a great little 'table' for Bean to use when she tests.)

Can I just say that I love that the little pouch the Brighton charm I won from a Sugar Bolus from Heidi at D-Tales is in the back ground....just perfect!

Oh, and the pink curler.....Bean wanted curlers in her hair last night after her bath.  And since I'm going to be gone for the next six days, her having curly will make things a bit easier in the hair department!  I'm always amazed at how long the curls last and how much 'not dirty' her hair looks when it's curly!!

...and it's usually stick straight...

I'm off to Atlanta in eight hours...gotta cover some grays, pack my bags, and snag a quick nap...wish me luck!


  1. Have FUN! And sorry about the night. That sounds rough Denise. I feel like "D" is one big Science Experiment. Don't you?

  2. Hope you have a great time.. Sorry you didn't get much sleep...Hope you get it figured out.

  3. Lovin the curls! Will have to try that out on Emma too :o) Sorry you had a rough night...diabetes is a jerk and I hope your next pod change brings less highs later on. Hope you have a great time away!!

  4. Te curls are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!! Have a great trip and get some sleep. sleep and um, yeah . . . more sleep!!!!

  5. eek i hate those nights. have a wonderful safe trip. my daughter has naturally curly hair and she HATES me doing it!

  6. Sorry you had such a crummy night!

    I spotted the pouch right away and it made me smile! :)

    Her hair looks adorable!


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