Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smile for the Camera!


Day Six of Diabetes Blog Week:  Saturday Snapshots
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This is the 'aftermath' of a recent Pod change.  I always put everything on a piece of aluminum foil to keep the Uni-Solve from eating through my table.  And it makes it easier to just scoop everything up to toss.
BTW, we don't throw away the Pod....there is a recycle program with Insulet (the company that makes OmniPod) though we are still waiting for them to send us the bag! (need to make another phone call!)

This is how I find Bean's PDM case ALL.THE.TIME!  It drives me completely nuts!!  Throw the dang strip in the 'trash box' (empty tissue box rubber-banded to the full tissue box that is on the table where she tests!!) and zip up the flippin' case so things don't fall out and get broken or lost or whatever!

This would be the floorboard in my SUV...yes, 4-wheel drive SUVs are pretty much the norm here and yes, we USE the 4 wheel drive A.LOT!!  I'm sure this is a typical site for most of our vehicles.  What I find interesting is that there are two different types of strips.  Why is that a big deal, you might ask?  We haven't used the OneTouch meter since October!  (Well, that's not totally true...we pull it out from time to time since it gives higher number readings than Bean's PDM, but we only use it in the house!!)

And here is my sweet Bean!!  Do you see the little bulge on her tummy...that's her Pod!  She's all fixed up for her dance performance last week.  She's part of a dance group at the Alaska Chinese Association.  One of her good friends at school was adopted from China.  What's hilarious is that even in a room full of Asian kids, she's still the shortest one!!  (sorry if that wasn't's totally true, though!!)


  1. Love the pic of The Bean and too funny about her small stature. No worries on the "PC"...I say all kinds of "off-the-mark" comments. I think people understand...we are just people...we are down to earth.

  2. I'm so happy to see the pics. It always makes us feel like we know you more!

  3. I should have taken a picture of the baseboard when we moved out of our townhouse in Greensboro, NC. Apparently my dear hubby would throw the test strips behind the dresser after checking him at night so when I pulled out the dresser there were about 100 test strips laying by the baseboard. I was livid! LOL

  4. The floor of my car looks just like a mixture of random Polly Pocket toys and accessories, juicebox straw wrappers, and probably the odd french fry or Bean is ADORABLE in her costume!!

  5. I find strips left in the meter, too. I find our case open as well. Drives me crazy!

    Bean looks adorable in her costume!


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